Jubilee concert Äiti-Elämän Suurin Rakkaus

On 2012 Viktor Klimenko (known as a singer and actor) is celebrating his 50 years career jubilee by having concerts around the country. The first pinnacle of jubilee is the concert “Äiti-Elämän Suurin Rakkaus” (Mother the greatest love of life) on Mothers’ Day, when will all his most beautiful love songs be heard. In the gig will perform Kuunkuiskaajat and others – GG Caravan and Jippu. Concert will take place on 13/05 at 16:00 in Musiikkitalo – Helsinki Music Centre.

The other new tour date is from Kuusamo, on 14/07.


One thought on “Jubilee concert Äiti-Elämän Suurin Rakkaus”

  1. Wish I could be there! Love Kuunkuiskaajat and Viktor Klimenko even more so, been a ‘fan’ (don’t like that word somehow) of Viktor since 1983.
    Best wishes to you all from the Netherlands.

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