Juhannusjuna is a unique train journey, and at the same time a program on TV, radio and the Internet. The 13-hours direct transmission of the Juhannusjuna from the train journey from Helsinki through Oulu to Rovaniemi will begin on Midsummer Eve 22.06.2012. During the trip the train stops at 11 different intermediate stopping points according to the summer schedule of the National Railway Company of Finland. YLE streaming live whole trip on YLE Theme, Radio Finland, and the Internet. In addition to the passengers, a representative group of the Finnish persons of the publicity gets in the Juhannusjuna. There are various artists, scientists and experts with whom it is become acquainted during the trip. Many of the guests also pay a visit next to the grand piano Iiro Rantala playing or singing, including Johanna and Susan from Kuunkuiskaajat.

Another news is concert in Tikkala town in Sysmä province of Finland. The gig will take place at Tikkala’s Nuorisoseuran Talo at 20.06. about 19:00. Tickets cost 12€ / 6€.


2 thoughts on “Juhannusjuna”

  1. Susan and Johanna had two brilliant sets in the train, supported on two songs by famous pianoplayer Iiro Rantala. And both songbirds, dressed in amazing summer skirts, performed a new song by Susan, called Lemmenleikki. Guess will be on the next Kuunkuiskaajat CD. They had been worth to keep awake till 2.30 German time absolutely, to watch them and share this unique experience of Juhannusjuna. Thank you, dear Susan ja Johanna!

  2. Hey Kuunkuiskaajat fans all over the world,
    I just watched both parts of the video sequences about Juhannusjuna in the Finnish TV YLE, with the two sets of Susan and Johanna in the train several times. And I’m so pleased of these amazing and wonderful performances again and again. I hope the videos will be to be watched for ever, but several weeks at least. Take the chance, and click in.

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