Statement on Kuunkuiskaajat – by great fan from Panama/Hungary Tara Wills !

Tikkala4Tikkala3Kuunkuiskaajat Tikkala Konzert 2015-4

The “Moon-whisperers” or how I call them more often, the snow angels, cannot be left out from the list of the superwomen from Finland.

I have been very much fond of folk music from different places, Celtic folk has been well commercialized, but what about Finnish folk? Not that much. Their music helped me to get deeper into it. And it is worth much more attention. These ladies are real talent which can be heard from the first moment you find their work.

That is exactly what happened in my case. I heard them for the first time when I found their Eurovision song. It changed my life in a way I could not possibly imagine after listening to such a cheerful, happy and yet honest and realistic song such as Työlki ellää. It was catchy, addictive, and challenging to learn. But I knew the chords on the guitar, and I could not get the melody out of my head since I heard it. Almost like a conjure telling to do this song, learn it and sing it somewhere. So I did, I learned the words and made some cheapy video of me singing, put it online and… For the first time in my life, I was mentioned in a very popular Finnish tabloid. Is not the ephemeral moment of fame that changed my life, it was the fact that I was considered good enough to be mentioned, somewhere… I was never fitting in the society where I grew up, but somehow, I got a feeling of belonging after my little video.

There is a term used in Finnish, “sisu” which means something such as”having the guts”. It was thanks to these snow angels, and Finland of course, that I got this sisu thing to change my fate, to keep on walking. Avery important teaching from winter cultures; you cannot stop moving, otherwise you will die frozen, you have to keep on walking until you reach a more cozy place, no matter how harsh and cold, just keep on walking. This is also very symbolic for me. I grew up in a warmer place, maybe too warm for my tolerance,but many people cannot possibly imagine the coldness and carelessness from the majority of the people living there. It is like a snow clearing, empty, no chance of nothing. It is how I always felt there. So I had to move on somehow somewhere.Because “you need to work for a living”. They made me understand this with their music. Their voices together are the perfect harmony, and being a folk band, the instrumental remains honest, showing very clearly that strong and consistent Finnish identity, that “sisu” typical from a winter culture.

No matter where I go in my life, I will always remember the snow angels, which made music that has helped me to keep on walking, regardless of being criticized for enjoying some Finnish folk every now and then, criticized for singing something I do not understand, nothing matters anymore. I will always be grateful that I found their music.