On 2012 Viktor Klimenko (known as a singer and actor) is celebrating his 50 years career jubilee by having concerts around the Finland. In the concerts Victor will present the pearls of the music by himself and together with Kuunkuiskaajat band. Kuunkuiskaajat also will present their most popular songs and new ones from their fourthcoming second album.


In year 2011 Kuunkuiskaajat, Tuure Kilpeläinen, Kaihon Karavaani, Matti Muhonen, Impi Umpilammen and Pekka Puupään celebrated the 100th birth anniversary of the Esa Pakarinen (9.02.1911 – 28.04.1989) and the 60th anniversary of the Rillumarei culture. Special tournee has kept in atmosphere of 50’s but with modern tunes. The leading tale was Esa Pakarinen’s life story, his humor, music and personality.

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