Happy Birthday Johanna Hytti (Virtanen)!



After the Thursday episode of Sokkokokki with Susan and Johanna, you can find some pics from the program on our Facebook page. Soon will be more there. Just click here:

Sokkokokki 7/6/2012

And here all recipes by kitchen chef Tommi Tuominen for the entrée fried turbot and grilled asparagus on the spinach puree and fennel-orange compote carpaccio and for the dessert which was orange carpaccio with vanilla mousse (in Finnish). Just click the link below:

Tommi Tuominen’s menu for Johanna and Susan

The whole program you can watch on Nelonen TV website or on our Youtube channel.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Cooking with Johanna and Susan

Nelonen TV station changed the Season 4 premiere of popular in Finland entertainment cooking program “Sokkokokki”. So episode with Kuunkuiskaajat you can watch on 7th June 2012 at 20:00 on Nelonen TV (FIN). Susan Aho and Johanna Hytti (Virtanen) with kitchen chef Tommi Tuominen, will make the fried turbot and grilled asparagus on the spinach puree and orange carpaccio with vanilla mousse. Bon apetit!

Jubilee concert Äiti-Elämän Suurin Rakkaus

On 2012 Viktor Klimenko (known as a singer and actor) is celebrating his 50 years career jubilee by having concerts around the country. The first pinnacle of jubilee is the concert “Äiti-Elämän Suurin Rakkaus” (Mother the greatest love of life) on Mothers’ Day, when will all his most beautiful love songs be heard. In the gig will perform Kuunkuiskaajat and others – GG Caravan and Jippu. Concert will take place on 13/05 at 16:00 in Musiikkitalo – Helsinki Music Centre.

The other new tour date is from Kuusamo, on 14/07.

News from studio

Dear lovely Fans, we have some news about Kuunkuiskaajat! Well, the brand new album will be released during the second half of this year. Almost all songs were written by Susan Aho and Johanna Hytti (Virtanen), not like previous by Timo Kiiskinen. Now, Kuunkuiskaajat is official full band, with two gorgeous songbirds and musicians. This album will be more fresh, intimate and mutual. Music will be more powerful and zestful than on the debut one, but after all you can still hear their “old style”, strong vocals with the harmony and ease! We are very impatient to hear result of this work.


Check the tourdates and see you there, get-together with members!
03.06. Polleidet / Norway
04.06. Storfjord / Norway
27.07. Joroinen / Finland

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