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New demo song

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Check it out!

Brand new demo song by Kuunkuiskaajat, called “Kuuhullu” (Lunar effect). Solo by Johanna Hytti.


News from Johanna

11With all the fans of Johanna worldwide we will share this pleasing event: Johanna is now married with Antti Hytti. We wish them both, Johanna and Antti, all the best and a happy longtime relationship! Paljon onnea!

After her marriage, she has informed, that from now on she will perform and be known as artist Johanna Hytti. So if you follow her music career, you have to notice this for sure.

And now some pictures from Johanna’s solo concert Vaiten Valvoin.

Photos by Jorma Airola:

Johanna solo concert

Johanna solo concert

Johanna solo concert

Johanna’s solo concert

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Singer and songwriter Johanna Hytti (Virtanen) will perform on 1st December in “Allotria” restaurant in Helsinki, Finland. Concert is called “Vaiten Valvoin” as Johanna’s solo song from Värttinä’s album Miero (2006). Johanna perform with the accompany of great musicians: Maija Ruuskanen – piano and Jenni Vartiainen – kantele. Gig starts at 21:00, the entry is free.

Website of the Allotria restaurant: http://www.allotria.fi/

Songs from the Midsummer train

Summer is just begun, we have for you videos with some lovely tunes from Midsummer train, from  Helsinki to Rovaniemi. Girls from Kuunkuiskaajat performed three songs including one brand new called “Lemmenleikki” (Love play) composed by Susan Aho. This probably will be in upcoming album.

And some updates on our site, lyrics for songs: Minä odotin, Kehtolaulu and Kaupungilla (click here: Music/Lyrics/Live songs).

Enjoy the Summer!

  • Lemmenleikki
  • Loputon tie

  • Työlki ellää


After the Thursday episode of Sokkokokki with Susan and Johanna, you can find some pics from the program on our Facebook page. Soon will be more there. Just click here:

Sokkokokki 7/6/2012

And here all recipes by kitchen chef Tommi Tuominen for the entrée fried turbot and grilled asparagus on the spinach puree and fennel-orange compote carpaccio and for the dessert which was orange carpaccio with vanilla mousse (in Finnish). Just click the link below:

Tommi Tuominen’s menu for Johanna and Susan

The whole program you can watch on Nelonen TV website or on our Youtube channel.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Cooking with Johanna and Susan

Nelonen TV station changed the Season 4 premiere of popular in Finland entertainment cooking program “Sokkokokki”. So episode with Kuunkuiskaajat you can watch on 7th June 2012 at 20:00 on Nelonen TV (FIN). Susan Aho and Johanna Hytti (Virtanen) with kitchen chef Tommi Tuominen, will make the fried turbot and grilled asparagus on the spinach puree and orange carpaccio with vanilla mousse. Bon apetit!