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Interview on mtv Finland – farewell concert at Seurasaari!

Good luck on your further musical and living roadsSusan and Johanna!

Suomea vuoden 2010 euroviisuissa edustanut duo julkaisee uuden levyn ja lopettaa samalla toimintansa.
Kuunkuiskaajat, representing Finland in the Eurovision Song Contest 2010, is releasing a new album and
stop at the same time with the band.
Susan Aho ja Johanna Hytti tekevät viimeisen keikkansa Kuunkuiskaajien riveissä juhannuksena Helsingin Seurasaaressa.
Susan Aho and Johanna Hytti making the Kuunkuiskaajat farewell concert at Midsummer at Seurasaari, Helsinki.
Euroviisuissa Suomea edustanut duo on julkaissut juuri uuden Revitty rakkaus -levyn, jonka he ovat kustantaneet pääosin itse.
Kuunkuiskaajat’s second album Revitty rakkaus (Torn love) is released April 29th now. It was provided for themselves mainly and by the support of the fans with a crowd funding campaign.

Here’s the link:


Kuunkuiskaajat - Release date 29.4.Kuunkuiskaajat54


Brandnew video of Kuunkuiskaajat

Kuunkuiskaajat released a new video with the song “Unelmaa” (dream). It is a song from new Kuunkuiskajat CD, which will be released in March 2016.
Here on this Kuunkuiskaajat Fan Club site you can watch and listen to the video via link media – videos – from Otfried’s YouTube collection.

Click to YouTube playing. Then scroll to number 86!
The link is: https://youtu.be/1C6o0XajNk8

Greetings on Juhannus – to all Kuunkuiskaajat friends all over the world!

Juhannus - Grüße

Juhannus is one of the most important national holidays in Finland. All over the country the Finnish people is celebrating Midsummer with great fires (kokko), music and dancing.
Iloista ja onnellista juhannusta!
Joyful and happy Midsummer to you!

News from studio

Dear lovely Fans, we have some news about Kuunkuiskaajat! Well, the brand new album will be released during the second half of this year. Almost all songs were written by Susan Aho and Johanna Hytti (Virtanen), not like previous by Timo Kiiskinen. Now, Kuunkuiskaajat is official full band, with two gorgeous songbirds and musicians. This album will be more fresh, intimate and mutual. Music will be more powerful and zestful than on the debut one, but after all you can still hear their “old style”, strong vocals with the harmony and ease! We are very impatient to hear result of this work.


Check the tourdates and see you there, get-together with members!
03.06. Polleidet / Norway
04.06. Storfjord / Norway
27.07. Joroinen / Finland

New tour dates

A lot of fans ask us about tour dates of 2012 year. We already have some news for you. Three concerts are planned for now in June and July. First the band will be performing two days in Norway (cities Polleidet and Storfjord). Next in Joroinen, Finland on Joroinen Music Festival (Joroisten musiikkipäivät). Check the new tour dates on CONCERTS page.