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Kuunkuiskaajat concert in Nuremberg – March 6th, 2011 !!

Worth to be remembered – six years ago:

Here are some photos of this great event!

Fantastic, historical concert by Kuunkuiskaajat at Südpunkt in Nuremberg, Germany – March 6th, 2011!



After the Thursday episode of Sokkokokki with Susan and Johanna, you can find some pics from the program on our Facebook page. Soon will be more there. Just click here:

Sokkokokki 7/6/2012

And here all recipes by kitchen chef Tommi Tuominen for the entrée fried turbot and grilled asparagus on the spinach puree and fennel-orange compote carpaccio and for the dessert which was orange carpaccio with vanilla mousse (in Finnish). Just click the link below:

Tommi Tuominen’s menu for Johanna and Susan

The whole program you can watch on Nelonen TV website or on our Youtube channel.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4