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Saanalta tuulee – live

Concert video:

Kuunkuiskaajat and Markojuhani Rautavaara performing “Saanalta tuulee”, composed by Markojuhani Rautavaara. Susan playing the Shaman drum. At Tammisaaressa, December 14th, 2014

Performance: Kuunkuiskaajat & Markojuhani Rautavaara konsertissa Tammisaaressa 14.12.14. “Saanalla Tuulee” on upea vahva biisi, jossa on ripaus Lappia mukana !

http://youtu.be/1-HW4ph6HDY?list=PL9hE-ETJtHnDkapIDjc_j4C4AhH3CXagt   (Studio recording of the song)



Actual news from Kuunkuiskaajat concerning new CD


Soon we’ll start crowdsourcing for our new album. Today we were making a video of that, you’ll see it soon! Thank you for you help!

– Johanna&Jorma Honka/Visual Sports

Tartu Mikkiin Tv Show

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On this Friday you can watch Johanna Hytti and Susan Aho in “Tartu Mikkiin” music TV show. New episode will be broadcast on YLE TV2 (Finland) at 21:00.

“Tartu Mikkiin” (Grab the mic) is a TV music program for the whole family, where two teams try to guess the song samples against each other. The program is based on the Danish “Grib Mikrofonen”. Johanna and Susan will be compete with Jussi Lammela and Aarne Hartelin.





Songs from the Midsummer train

Summer is just begun, we have for you videos with some lovely tunes from Midsummer train, from  Helsinki to Rovaniemi. Girls from Kuunkuiskaajat performed three songs including one brand new called “Lemmenleikki” (Love play) composed by Susan Aho. This probably will be in upcoming album.

And some updates on our site, lyrics for songs: Minä odotin, Kehtolaulu and Kaupungilla (click here: Music/Lyrics/Live songs).

Enjoy the Summer!

  • Lemmenleikki
  • Loputon tie

  • Työlki ellää